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In 2016, we launched and implemented an education series to educate communities and congregations across Fulton and DeKalb counties on the reality of the proposed Georgia referendum known as the Opportunity School District (Amendment 1).  We are proud of the work we that helped voters understand the constitutional change as they went to the polls and overwhelmingly defeated it. ABLE is currently in discernment around the next phase of our education work. Leaders of the ABLE Education task force are exploring ways to connect with communities around education issues.



ABLE continues to work hard for favorable immigration reform, that keeps families together, and that reflects what we truly value for all.  We reject the use of local law enforcement resources being used to assist in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids and racial profiling of immigrants.


Criminal Justice:

After significant victories in expanding employment opportunities for people with criminal backgrounds by “Banning the Box” for public sector employment in cities and counties across the metro Atlanta area, Governor Deal signed an executive order “Banning the Box” on most State agency employment applications. Further positive changes include removal of certain open misdemeanor and felony arrests, removal of the food stamp ban, changes to driver license bans, requiring employers to give notice if people are denied employment based on a criminal background and more have all helped people with criminal records. Our task force is currently exploring the various elements of criminal justice such as for profit probation and parole system, length of probation and excessive fines.


Safe Neighborhoods:

Hard work paid off in our 2015/2016 victory passing 13 improvements strengthening and expanding to the power  of the Atlanta Citizens Review Board (ACRB).  The board provides a method where citizens can file complaints against police and have those complaints heard by an independent board of citizens. Currently the City of Atlanta is the only municipality in the region to have an independent review process for the public. We are want other municipalities to establish boards as well.